If any one would like to voluntarily contribute to the noble purpose or have any good ideals, pleases contact or contribute it to:
Shri Vyasaraja Sevasamithi (regd) in Bangalore. Care Of NAPS Rao No. 23, Ramaraoa layout Kathriguppe, Bangalore 560085 India


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[Based on the Parampare of Sri Vyasaraja Mutt (Sosale) initiated by Sri Kambaluru Theertharu for 2014-15]

LATEST Developments in Sosale Vyasaraja matha

!! Muzrai Dept takes over Mutt Administration !!
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Updated 29 May 2012

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Acharya Madhva and his Immediate Disciples
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Moola Gopala Krishna

Welcome to Sri Vyasaraja Seva Samiti

Sri Vyasaraja Seva Samiti is a registered body with a distinguished scholar Sri Ramachandracharya as the president was set up for the devotees of the great saint Sri Vyasaraja in 2005, with the following broad objectives as stated in the deed incorporating the organisation.

You can help!

Active participation and support from all Madhvas and in particular, those belonging to Sri Matha is solicited.

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